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New Song

2011-06-21 18:53:29 by gamergod1995

Well, new song(S). It's amazing how much music you make when youre bored. You know, I also find it funny how I'll make a song, and then wait like two weeks to submit it cuz I hate the submitting part. Seriously. It's a pain in the ass finding the right picture and stuff. Not that you're interested. Youre here for the music. Enjoy a couple new songs out of the shit ton I just made. Love ya :D.

For the fifth fucking time!

2011-04-11 19:06:39 by gamergod1995

I'm fucking back! This time though, im not playing around. I've started drawing and I also happen to have a friend who makes lyrics. Together, were going to make music. Plus, I have more time on my hands :D. Ill get a ya a new song soon. P.S. Fuck stupid post pictures. P.S.S. Looks like im starting off fresh. All my fans are gone.

I'm Home!!!

2010-08-03 11:16:48 by gamergod1995

I'm back in new orleans which means that i can stop using the demo of FL studio!!!! So I can start forkin out all sorts of music! I just have to redownload all of my VST's because apparently they became corrupted after the power got shut off. (Long Story) So just like last time, if ya need any kind of music i can make it for you for free. Just give me a pm.

I'm Home!!!


2010-06-20 22:03:02 by gamergod1995

To my great Imaginary fans of awesomeness!!!! I went back up to NY for a bit. Just visitin for about a month. I'll hit ya up some songs along the way. Just know that it is a different computer so im using the demo and i dont have any sweet plugins. Only presets and demos. Wish me luck xD.


2010-05-29 09:55:52 by gamergod1995

I hope movie guy wasn't jokin cause i sacrificed a large supreme pizza for has ass while makin this xD. Yeah, been dormant for a month so i made two songs for my lovelies (you). But um... now that i made his song, if you have another request, ask for a song to be made cuz im projectless. And projectlessness makes me sad :(.

P.S. You gotta turn up your speakers when you hear abandonment H. I made the song overall a bit too quite. Sorry about that.

YAY! I'm back suckas!

2010-03-03 14:37:56 by gamergod1995

New home, and city! Guess what, I'm ready to make some music. IF ya want me to make you some, just ask. I really don't care who you are either! Just give me an idea or a picture or something! Make it quick though, otherwise I'll be running out of inspiration by the time you get to me.

Hello Fans :D

2009-10-21 21:37:30 by gamergod1995

I am... okay! No, not really. My computer is gone... and that is why I haven't posted anything in like, forever. So yeah... sorry guys. I'll like, respond to messages and stuff but thats about it :/. Once, i get a computer i'll make a new news post tellin u guys. It'll be a while though :(.

I'm active again!!!

2009-08-24 20:22:14 by gamergod1995

I'm now going to start making more music and stuff. As a matter of fact I already submitted another song. I hope you enjoying listening to it even though I didn't put full effort into it. I probably put like... 70% effort into it... maybe. But I thought it was ok even though I was too lazy to allow it to loop properly. All I have to say is check it out and vote and review and stuff. I love it when you vote and I nearly have an orgasm when you review. Okay, apart from the account news I have some real life news. I'm moving to New Orleans by the end of this week... probably. So around that time there is going to be no movement what so ever. But I'm pretty sure I can make at least one more song by then. It's going to be great down there, I can just feel it. There is pretty much music where ever you go! I'll probably tell you about my adventures there for a little while, no guarantee though. Well, those are the only magical things goin on right now so peace :D.

I'm active again!!!

I have another song out!

2009-07-18 21:58:53 by gamergod1995

So it has been a while since I've done anything so I decided to make another song *and actually try on it* so I did. Check it out cuz I'm too lazy and uninspired to write anything else.

Ok, so...

2009-06-10 15:11:33 by gamergod1995

I've realized I have gotten far better at my music. Sure I'm not the greatest, but hey, at least it is worth listening to now :D. When I say improved though, I mean SERIOUSLY improved, I mean you have to listen to my first few songs and then my latest few songs to understand what I mean. But the reason I posted this is because I wondered if anybody maybe wanted to help me along. Ya know, information, editing, anything that you think would help :).